Hello fellow travelers,

as I have lived here for quite a while, I had the chance to experience so much of Sri Lanka’s life and scenery, that I am happy to share my favorite spots and tours with you. On these, you’re going to see much more than on the ordinary tour, as I cooperate only with a few handpicked drivers, who are instructed to drive you along the scenic roads (if possible) and show you as much of the country and its culture as possible. It far more than transport!

Only extended Dambulla area for now

I live in Dambulla, so mostly the tours – so far – are in this area. But I hope I can organize some more beautiful tours soon.

With organize I mean, I will go to some places, stay there for a while, find out all the hidden and off-the-beaten-track spots and activities and then I will suggest you the best things to do in a rounded tour – again, with a good driver, who’s not after your money, but after super happy tourists.

And of course you can always take one of our good guys to go and see the main sights in the cultural triangle. Have a look at our tuk-tuk service page for more detailed information. You’re not gonna regret it!

Recently my Sri Lankan friend Shanti joined me with developing this blog and suggesting tours. She has worked many years for the Red Cross in Sri Lanka and been pretty much everywhere. After having lived 5 years in Germany, she recently returned to Sri Lanka. She knows a lot of other things, that I don’t. So she’s the perfect addition to this blog!

Shanti also offers our Village Tour in Dambulla. She’s happy to show you around her village. You’ll see so much more than the ordinary tourist because you will glimpse into the real life and lifestyle of a farmer/villager.

If you have any inquiry or want to book a tour, just contact me via Whatsapp (+94778442908) or email ( or the contact form below.


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