Everything you need to know when traveling Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an absolutely amazing country. So diverse and beautiful! From the moment you set foot on this island, you’ll fall in love with it, its people, the culture, and the magnificent nature. Everything is lush green and the people are the most welcoming and warmhearted people you will meet on this planet – always smiling and very helpful!

Traveling beautiful Sri Lanka will also leave you with many questions in your mind. 


Commonly asked questions about Sri Lanka


What to expect to find in this blog

Therefore this blog is dedicated to providing answers to the common questions that travelers here have.

On this blog you’re gonna learn a lot about Sri Lanka, its culture, lifestyle, traditions, sights and traveling here in general. As a foreigner having lived in this amazing part of the world since 2011, I’ve learned a lot about this beautiful country and how things work. And I know that most of these insider knowledge no visitor will ever learn while being here. So take your time, browse around and read interesting stuff about amazing Sri Lanka and its people!



But you still have to be a bit patient

I started this blog a long time ago: End of July 2016 – about a week before I became pregnant… After pregnancy and a baby break I hoped to be back on writing. Well, I was wrong… We bought some land and are now building our own house – a huge project, that keeps me busy! Once again 😉

So it will take some time until all my extensive knowledge is written down here. Feel free to ask in the comments about a topic that interests you, but you couldn’t find any information online. I will try my best to find out (asking locals for example).

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Last update: December 2019