Who I am and what’s there to know about me

Dear Sri Lanka travelers,

I am a German woman and a traveler by heart. It all started back in 2009 when I started my first big trip to Australia, where I spent 14 months backpacking. In the years ever since that, I have traveled to nearly all countries in Southeast Asia, and every now and then I get itchy feet again and plan my next trip.

During all my travels I happened to come across Sri Lanka and fell in love here. As I was free to settle anywhere (as I backpacker I gave up and quit everything in Germany before) and decided to stay in this beautiful country together with my now-husband Asela. Right back then in 2011, it was our dream to open up a cheap but amazing guesthouse, where everyone would just fall in love with the atmosphere. In 2014 our dream came true and we rented a guesthouse, called “Oasis Tourist Welfare Center” in Dambulla. We didn’t choose the name though 😉 And the Oasis is very precious to us, as it was right here where we met for the first time, as this was the guesthouse I stayed in back then in 2011 when we met.

In 2017 our daughter was born. She is an incredible addition to our life.  But of course, it was a little too much work with her, the guesthouse, and caring for all the guests and their needs. So we decided to close the guesthouse end of 2018 – it was getting really old anyways.

Running a guesthouse and hosting travelers every day, I was confronted with the same questions every day. Of course, I didn’t mind answering, but I realized at the same time, that most of this information is not easy to find or not existent at all on the internet or elsewhere. For many travelers, it was difficult or impossible to find the easiest information online. For example, how to get from Dambulla to Sigiriya. Or if Sigiriya’s Lion Rock is worth the entrance fee or if it’s better to visit the cheaper Pidurangala instead.

Having lived in Sri Lanka now for 9 years now, I have really good insights into Sri Lankan lifestyle and culture. And speaking Sinhala quite well, I am also able to inquire about all the things I don’t know yet.  I kept telling interesting things to travelers, and travelers kept telling me I should definitely write a blog to make the knowledge that I gained from observations and explanations by the locals over the years known to everybody. So here you are eventually!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and appreciate the information I gathered and supply. I do provide all the information for free, but writing a blog with that much information as I plan to write, is quite time-consuming. Therefore I decided to finance this work with links to booking webpages like booking.com – at no additional costs for you of course, but I receive a tiny commission.

Additionally my husband Asela also offers his service as a tuk-tuk driver in the Dambulla/Sigiriya area in order to earn our living.

Enjoy reading all about beautiful Sri Lanka in this blog!

If there are any questions about Sri Lanka left that you’d like to have answered, possibly even in a blog post, or if you have any comments or any other issues, please feel free to contact me via email to info@travelinfosrilanka.com or via WhatsApp.

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I will try my best to answer as soon as possible – preferably with a new blog post. But please also understand that life with two little children doesn’t really mean to have lots of leisure time – let alone time to turn the laptop on and write an extended post 😉 If your question is quite urgent, for example: “How to get from A to B?”, and your journey is within a few days, drop me a note and I hopefully answer quickly via short email.

Have a great time in Sri Lanka, it’s beautiful!