Village Tour – See the typical lifestyle of a farmer / villager

Have you ever wondered what a typical villager’s life looks like in Sri Lanka? The village tour is the ideal trip you can make to see / learn about the typical lifestyle of Sri Lankan villagers / farmers.

What to see?

You may get chance to see complete lifestyle of Sri Lankan villagers and the way they farm, bath (in the river or lake), wash cloths, cook with firewood, and the way of eating by hands etc. You probably get a chance to join their daily activities if you like and you can help in the farm, join for cooking, eat with them and many more. 😀

What you will get?

Many foreigners including my German and English friends really enjoy being involved in the daily activities of Sri Lankan village life. Also sometimes you may meet very nice Sri Lanka friends from the village tour which may give you a reason to come back to Sri Lanka 😉 You will learn (almost :D) how to cook Sri Lankan rice & curry with using many different spices. Get to know how to use the spices, cooking with coconut milk, and you are 100% welcome to have lunch with a village family (if you like only). Maybe have the lunch you already involved cooking.

What will be the best time to do that?

The best time probably in the morning if it is possible to start at 09.00 – 09.30 am because then you can see around, join with farming activities and finish it about 11.00 am and join with cooking straight ahead (optional, but you’re very welcome to join). And enjoy a typical Sri Lankan lunch with me an my family.

But any other time of the day is also possible upon request. But maybe without lunch then 😉

How much?

The price is Rs. 2000 per person. It includes everything mentioned above with the lunch – or a tea and snacks or dinner if it’s later in the day.

  • You have to arrange transport to the entrance of the village and even we can organize tuk-tuk to pick you up from your guest house / hotel and have to pay transport separately. But transport is totally up to you as you can arrange it in your own way. If you already have a driver and a car still you can ask them to bring you to the meeting point where our tour leader welcome you and bring you to the village walk.

What to bring?

Bring sun protection if you highly sensitive for sun burn as we are walking through the village. A hat will be also useful. Dress something very casual and normal as we are walking in a typical + traditional villages in Sri Lanka where people didn’t see much tourists. 😀 –> you gonna like it, believe me!

And of course: Bring your camera! You’ll have plenty of beautiful photo shoot occasions.

How to book

If you are interested in booking this Village Tour or like to get any more information, please just use the contact form below.

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